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Welfare rights

19 November, 2019

Social security commitments in the Green Party 2019 election manifesto

Party promises to scap universal credit and replace current benefit system with Universal Basic Income

19 November, 2019

Period over which a tribunal has jurisdiction in a PIP appeal where subsequent fresh PIP claim has been decided / whether telephone claim is valid if 'all the information required to determine the claim' is not provided during call

[2019] UKUT 318 (AAC)

18 November, 2019

Universal credit is a ‘tightrope over poverty’ for too many rather than the social safety net that is needed, IPPR says

Institute for Pubic Policy Research calls for reform, including to the monthly assessment system, debt recovery policy and sanctions regime, which all appear 'designed to punish rather than support'

18 November, 2019

Relevance of previous failures when determining good cause for failure to attend a medical examination

[2019] UKUT 303 (AAC)

18 November, 2019

Child poverty in working families up almost 40 per cent since 2010

Cuts to in-work benefits have come at a 'terrible human cost', says TUC

15 November, 2019

Number of outstanding social security and child support appeals falls below 100,000

HMCTS management information for September 2018 to September 2019 also shows fall in appeal receipts to just over 10,000 in September 2019

14 November, 2019

Eligibility criteria for Scottish First-tier Tribunal members with disability experience

New statutory instrument expands criteria to include people with previous experience of disability

14 November, 2019

EU Coordination rules bypass domestic residence conditions for child tax credit but not other conditions of entitlement in the case of a child living in the EU

[2019] UKUT 306 (AAC)

13 November, 2019

Supreme Court rules that local authority decision makers, the First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal have power to disapply secondary legislation where it is in breach of Convention rights

[2019] UKSC 52

13 November, 2019

More than 800,000 food parcels were issued by the Trussell Trust between April and September 2019, up 23 per cent on the previous year

Charity adds that almost two thirds of referrals due to a delay in benefits being paid were linked to universal credit

12 November, 2019

More than half of universal credit sanctions last more than four weeks

New DWP statistics also show that almost three quarters of recent full service sanction decisions resulted in a sanction being imposed

12 November, 2019

Just 80 households on universal credit received a split payment in August 2019

New statistics also show that less than 80,000 households, out of 1.9 million total, received payment more frequently than standard monthly cycle

11 November, 2019

Amendments to social security regulations to protect rights of third country nationals lawfully living and working in Northern Ireland after the UK exits the EU

New statutory rule

8 November, 2019

Human Rights Commission calls on Northern Ireland Executive to renew welfare reform mitigation measures due to end in March 2020

Failure to replace measures such as mitigating bedroom tax and benefit cap will plunge poorest households into crisis, says Chief Commissioner

8 November, 2019

Social Security Scotland launches consultation on its first Equality Strategy

Commitments include the ‘mainstreaming’ of equality, with outcomes seeking to make 'practical improvements' addressing inequality and discrimination

7 November, 2019

UK Government needs to end the structural and design issues in universal credit that drive up poverty and debt

APPG on poverty also calls for the social fund in England to be reinstated as a rights-based national assistance scheme

7 November, 2019

80 per cent of universal credit households no longer subject to benefit cap moved off because of reasons other than earnings

New DWP statistics also show that 65 per cent of housing benefit households moved off the cap for reasons other than an open working tax credit claim

6 November, 2019

ASA upholds formal complaints about DWP’s universal credit advertising campaign

Action follows 44 complaints about campaign which featured regional press ads in the Metro and a web page hosted on the Mail Online and Metro Online websites