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News and case law

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Updated at 14.42 by tarzier

ESA Support Group - new claim for UC.

They are now going to pay the HB claims, although they said the full-service roll out schedule for UC is based on postcodes, not on Jobcentre areas. Almost all CR…

Updated at 14.20 by Dan Manville

Contribution based ESA

Assuming client challenges the WCA decision -and eventually succeeds in their challenge- then yes.

Updated at 14.08 by Andrew Dutton

Support for mortgage interest

Am I right in thinking that although the power to make Regulations about this has been activated (so to speak) the Regs themselves have not been made? Given Brexit, DUP…

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27 June, 2017

CPAGUK Child Poverty Action

Our response to figures released today on persistent poverty…

27 June, 2017

rightsnet rightsnet

Watch: Shattered, a new play by #MaxinePeake ... Dalir is a #lawcentre immigration lawyer and is working flat out ..…

27 June, 2017

rightsnet rightsnet

Great people, great course. #StaffsUni's Social Welfare Law, Policy & Advice Practice…