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Welfare rights

3 September, 2015

End of year adjustment of Fraud and Error Reduction Incentive Scheme payments

New HB guidance following feedback that local authorities concerned about 'cliff edge' nature of payments

2 September, 2015

‘No sensible rationale’ for state pension triple lock, says new JRF report

Policy is 'poorly designed' concludes new research carried out by the Institute for Fiscal Studies

2 September, 2015

LGA calls for 'risk and reward' system to encourage local partners to 'offer more services to' ESA and long-term JSA claimants

Local Government Association highlights that, currently, even if local areas are successful at reducing claimant numbers, only 7p in every £1 saved is retained locally

2 September, 2015

'Little support' for the view that welfare reform is having important and positive impacts on the labour market in Scotland

Scottish Welfare Reform Committee publishes new report from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Glasgow

2 September, 2015

Scottish Government to bring forward a Social Security Bill in first year of the new Parliament

Bill will include measures to 'address weaknesses' in universal credit and the abolition of the bedroom tax

1 September, 2015

Government rejects SSAC’s recommendation to draw up clear guidelines for local welfare assistance

Response to review of localisation and social security also confirms that there will no further analysis of whether the new system is delivering better outcomes than the social fund

28 August, 2015

Grounds for revision must be established before a DLA decision may be changed

[2015] UKUT 453 (AAC)

28 August, 2015

Arriving ten minutes late for an appointment does not, in isolation, amount to a failure to carry out a jobseeker's direction

[2015] UKUT 454 (AAC)

27 August, 2015

DWP release statistics on mortality rates for those on out-of-work working age benefits

'Information cannot be used as evidence to support a link or otherwise between mortality and benefit receipt' says DWP

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3 September, 2015

rightsnet rightsnet

Job vacancy - Newlon Fusion is advertising for a Financial Inclusion Officer.... rightsnet.org.uk/jobs/financial…

3 September, 2015

LawCentres Law Centres Network

Only 1 in 5 people is represented when facing #mortgage/#landlord possession - and maybe #eviction! #accesstojustice pic.twitter.com/p2TVzHXPU7

3 September, 2015

rightsnet rightsnet

Job vacancy - Coventry Law Centre is advertising for Debt Caseworker... rightsnet.org.uk/jobs/debt-case…

3 September, 2015

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Who benefits from the new National Living Wage? #LivingWage resolutionfoundation.org/publications/h… pic.twitter.com/vSNbjVQTS8

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